The wine originates in Paternopoli, a small village dating back to pre-Roman times. This lies on the rolling green hills of the southern Appennines some 500 meters above sea level, within the “Taurasi” DOCG area.

The calcareous clay soil, the wide variations between day and night, the hills covered with ancient vines and new plants, and the perfect balance between climate, soil and vines represent the ideal scenario for our vineyards.

The vineyards are between 450 and 530 meters above sea level and with some of the plants of over 70 years. These are the main pieces of a mosaic company that prefers quality over quantity in its environment.

Careful management in the field, with severe winter pruning, trimming, leaf removal and thinning, results in healthy and ripe purple grapes, ready to be harvested between late October and early November.

The magic of the harvest, carried out by hand and selecting only the best grapes, brings the soul of our wine to the cellar.